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in the dead of night thousands of sea turtles crawl up on to the beach, git pushing their origins to master

@john it's a place for your dreams and your memes

@john i have reserved this longest yeet... for you

@mclean I can only imagine that your colleague had a formal business meeting with a Tulpa, potentially regarding summonings growth in the fourth quarter

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when are we gonna get an anime about the demoscene

@msvanarmy this is excellent. there are some really sincere and touching answers

@jacob I really dig those keycaps and am insanely jealous of the whole setup

@yawp I do! I have a PO16. they are awesome (as is the op-1, which I do not have but covet)

@yawp it's an excellent question.

substantive engagement with China seems like a wicked problem designed specifically for liberal democracies at the tail end of a campaign to try to dissolve all considerations to "market forces".

China has market forces, so we don't distinguish ourselves that way.

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SomeBODY once told me about a bird that's turnin'
And turnin' in a widening gyre
It was lookin' kinda lost cause it couldn't hear its boss
As it soared ever higher and higher

Well, things fall apart and the centre's not holdin',
Anarchy's loose and there's no controllin',
Innocence drowned in a blood-dimmed tide,
The worst get intense while the best just hide

So much to do, so much to see
Images out of Spiritus Mundi
You've gotta move those slow thighs
Open up your pitiless eyes

Hey now
Lion body
With a man's head
Go play

Hey now
You're a rough beast
Get the show on
Get paid

Your hour's come round once more
Slouching towards Bethlehem to be bo-orn

@john we can change it by editing the locale file. any suggestions on what to change it to? status?

@john many people joke that engineers think pi is three. prove to me it's not and we just haven't been really bad at measuring circles

@curiousjp damn I love that colour scheme. I am very excited about this!

@curiousjp actually, no it looks there's a pogo pin for each physical button. lol. amazing (there is an ability to chain together POs to sync their clock. I wonder if that only syncs the clock signal and not all MIDI data, taking that off the table as a way to issue commands)

@curiousjp amazing. I wonder how it simulates button presses (I assume using headers on the microcontroller rather than actually contacting the button pads). the fact that it has an extra synth is just icing on the cake.

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