Added current power consumption in watts to my topbar and I keep opening and closing tabs/applications to see what it draws.

Almost doubles my draw to open twitter and scroll than it takes to open mastodon and scroll.

@peregrine @neauoire i wonder if a web extension could be made that would estimate the wattage impact of each website and visualize it in the tab.


@yoshiki @peregrine @neauoire I wonder how well the OS numbers (which I assume are pretty accurate) align with something like Firefox's about:performance energy performance rankings.

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@resub @peregrine @neauoire anecdotally, I’m not sure about the quality of about:performance’s numbers— I’ve had situations where the OS reports Firefox is taking up loads of resources which didn’t get reflected in about:performance, but closing twitter and other common offenders cleared the problem up.

@yoshiki @resub @neauoire this is not an easy problem and why you'd want to get as close to the source as possible. There are huge number of things the OS does that the browser leans on.

Ideally you'd put something between the outlet and the wall to be as precise as possible :P.

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